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Top Seven!!!

well, since my glass is always half full and because i really dont wnat to do hoemwork, i decided to do my top 7 favorite things at of couse these top 7 arnt suposed to be seriously, so all of you who think im shady, get over it. and why 7? becuase i got sick of finding without further ado...

sean's top 7 favroite things at camp!!!

7) malt cups!!!

the best way to look busy during ad center check in than hide in the trading post and eat a malt cup...well that and hide in the info booth.

6) pizza hut!!

sunday nights at pizza hut, what could be better? i mean you have wolverine singing obnoxious camp songs, hit on the waitress, steal mints, color a picture to hang in your cabin and of course hit on townies....which leads to number 5

5) townies!!

they provide much humor, services (scoop ice cream, shoot off fire works) and of couse put out...

4) sailing!!

yeah the sailboats are kinda crappy, and the nice sailboat is impossbile to sail, but at least at sailbase you can take in the beautiful scenary...and by scenary i mean paul janus without a shirt

3) my awesome slogans!!

come on! i had to throw it in...there are soooo many, but hot carl is money.

2) nerds ropes!!

the candy of summer 2004! if you didnt eat at least one this year, you missed out. practically given away by the trading post, they also could be found in great numbers in fat scouts pockets (mush-heads) or in the camp secretary's office drawers.


chase budziak!!

look at him! closing banguet MC and overall hottie. whats not to say about chase...

well thats 7. even though this is all in fun, what isnt fun is what is happening. so, lets all stick together as a staff, and get through this.
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