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All the Wealth of Earth and Heaven...

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Saturday, April 21st, 2007
9:41 pm - Question

I attended Robert Crown in the 70's.  I had heard rumors that Owasipie was closing down or had closed down.  Is this true or false?

current mood: curious

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
2:30 am - welcome back!!!

well, the summers over and im sure y'all had a wonderful time. feel free to share the love!!!


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Sunday, May 1st, 2005
10:42 pm - hell yea

well... before you go to big joes....... on thursday you should go to College of lake county and watch katie perfom her speech to entertain on summer camps!!!!

my team is doin a performance night where each of us does one of our events from nationals. (there is only like 6 people on the team) Im doing STE and you should go!!! hitch a ride with Oconnor! shes coming!!!  be with the cool kids!!

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10:08 pm







Please help me get my Eagle!

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
11:26 am

i was given this by an un-named 9 year old...
the last line is not legitimate

camp owasippe

owasippe is very cool
i like it better than going to my school

it has lot of animals, a pool, and a bog
one time my cousin went there and she tripped on a log

reneker is the funnest place
when i go i have a smiling face

the dingos are the best.

...she got an A, i dont know how

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
4:57 pm - Survey-a-palooza!

k, hasn't been a survey in a while..... so here's the "catching up in 2005" survey. clever title eh?

What did you do for New Years Eve/Day?:
Any funny stories?:
did ya have a hangover?:
When did you have to go back to school?:

How many Valentine's Day cards did you get?:
Did you gets lots of chocolate and candy?:
Which is better to get, flowers or candy?:
Did you have a secret valentine or a real one?:
What did you do on that special day?:
Who would have been the best valentine to have on that day?:
do you think that the day is loosing meaning, by becoming more materialistic like Christmas?:

Did you eat corn beef and cabbage!?:
What percent Irish are you?:
What did you do for the holiday?:
Did you have any green drinks?:
Did you watch the parade?:
Are you an irish dancer?:
Anything exciting happen?:

How was easter?:
what did ya get from the bunny?:
did you have to go to church?:
what did you do on that day?:
anything funny happen?:

when is spring break?:
what did/are you doing for it?:

anything that you would like to update us on that happened inthe last few months?:
Anthying you want to tell us that is coming up in the next couple of months before camp starts?:

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
7:17 pm - any girl's dream come true

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Thursday, March 24th, 2005
6:23 pm - I've fallen but forgot to get up

Wow it's been a long time since I posted anything on here.

Well I just have a few shameless plugs.

First, come see West Side Story at the Oak Lawn Park District April 1-3rd and 8th-10th. If you want more info comment or IM me.

Second, Come see Richard's High School Production of "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown" May 12th-14th. Once again, more info, comment or IM.

Then everyone be ready for Joe's Eagle Improv show which needs to happen before May 21st. So be ready!

Other than that, I hope everyone had a nice spring break, and I fuckin rock.

This has been Joe, and when your a Joe your a Joe all the way.

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
8:44 am - :)

hey does anyone by chance know the address of chris zelis' troop (troop 465)?

i have his home address but if anyone has his troop address that would be super.


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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
3:23 pm - ease my troubles, thats what you do

hey kids!

im sure everyone got this in, but if not heres a few addresses if anyone wants to send letters...
it seems alot more promising than previous names weve gotten before

Mr. Gunnar Carlson - Editor         Mr. Greg Means - Editor
The Muskegon Chronicle              The White Lake Beacon
981 Third Street                    432 Spring Street
PO Box 59                           PO Box 98
Muskegon MI 49440                   Whitehall MI 49461
Fax: 231-722-2552                   Fax: 231-894-2174

Mr. Jim Timmermann - Editor         Mr. Don Wycliff - Public Editor
The Holland Sentinel                The Chicago Tribune
54 West 8th Street                  435 North Michigan Avenue
Holland MI 49423                    Chicago IL 60611
Fax: 616-393-6710                   Fax: 312-222-2598

Form letters usually are less effective when a group is trying to campaign for a
cause.  Once published, the form letter is not repeated in print.  We encourage
you to express your "personal" feelings in your letters.  All of us sometimes
need a little help to get our thoughts together so we are offering the following
observations/comments that may help you get your ideas and feelings flowing:

* Blue Lake Township should not be turned into a suburb.
* It has been a camp and unofficial nature preserve for over 90 years and should
stay that way.
* We want this treasure preserved for our children and our children's children.
* We want to partner with someone who can find a use for Owasippe instead of
seeing it sold to the highest bidder.
* Blue Lake Township changed the zoning and lowered the taxes for the Chicago
Boy Scouts.  If the Scouts want to sell for million$, then charge them back
* If the property is worth $19.4 million now, it was worth close to that over
the past years.  Bill the Chicago Scouts back taxes.
* 19 endangered species living on the Owasippe property are worth more than
$19.4 million.
* All the talk by politicians about conservation and preservation of natural
resources is just talk if the Owasippe wilderness is sold to the highest bidder.

i hope everyone has a super sensational st. paddys day!
ill be waiting for some interesting stories...

signing out,

current mood: freezing

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Saturday, March 12th, 2005
4:23 pm - staff olympics

i was reading the camp_is_love community journal and came across this. omg.... we should so do this as an event at staff olympics or try it out staff week or something!

Crud Wars
"crud war" definition: Messy event involving water, lemon pudding, oatmeal, and flour. One of the funest things ever created!

2005-03-11 23:11 (link)
tell me more please! sounds exciting!
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2005-03-11 23:20 (link)
It's awsome! Some1 sprays us with a big hose, then the whole camp splits into two teams. then we have a round with each "crud" weapon, grabing hand and cupfuls and dumping them on eachother. It's an awsome time and a great bonding activity! We all jump in the l;ake afterward before going to our cabin and trying to get all the "crud"(you realize why it's called crud wars!) out of your ears. Nasty, but fun!

current mood: full on St Pat's dining!

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
11:49 pm - might as well

What year were you a cit? 1999
What was your patrol name? West
Do you remember the song and/or camp call? Never learned the song bc i was sick the first half of the week.
Where did your cit class meet? site 15 at wolverine. Girls lived at reneker.
Did your cit class have a spring kickoff weekend? and if so where? SHakedown!! it was amazing. it was at hoover in april as well
Who was your favorite cit trainer? i would have to say Special K as we called him, aka Ron Kulak
Can you remember the people in your cit patrol? if so who? I really really don't. the coupel tath i do i don't remember thier names... oops...

heh... i was such a dork when i was a cit....

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
12:26 am - CIT randomness

So I randomly thought of my cit patrol camp song earlier today... and somehow remember most if not all of it.  So I decided I'd pose some questions to all of you that were a cit your first year on staff.  Feel free to add on!

What year were you a cit?
What was your patrol name?
Do you remember the song and/or camp call?
Where did your cit class meet?
Did your cit class have a spring kickoff weekend? and if so where?
Who was your favorite cit trainer?
Can you remember the people in your cit patrol? if so who?

My answers
What year were you a cit? 1998
What was your patrol name? West
Do you remember the song and/or camp call? yes, and yes "West is the best!"
Where did your cit class meet? Crown, guys and girls together for the week! :)
Did your cit class have a spring kickoff weekend? and if so where? yes, in april at hoover
Who was your favorite cit trainer? "Uncle" Ron
Can you remember the people in your cit patrol? if so who? Katy Sivicek, Sean Monahan, Phil Kaufman, Scott Dorencz, Dave Puchalski, myself of course, and 2 other guys

current mood: bored

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Saturday, February 26th, 2005
8:44 pm - It's about bloody time!

Name: Kyle Schneider
Age: 20
Location: Normal/Chicago, IL depending on school/home
Camps stayed at Owasippe (as a scoutie) and years stayed: BLHK - 1996, CAR - 1997-1999
Camps worked at Owasippe, positions, and years: 2000 - WOL = EC, HC, SS. CAR = SS. 2001-2 - WOL HC
Favorite Camp song: Camp Carlen - Overall
Favorite camp skit: Medicrin/Tree Check
Skit or song you want to stab with a knife and bury forever so as never to be seen/heard again: Old Macdonald in the dining halls
Best camp memory: Late nights with all my guys andgals camped out in Mojave and Turtle
The Best summer was: 2002

Favorite thing about....
*Blackhawk: ... Is there such a thing?
*Carlen: HOW DARE YOU FORGET CARLEN! The always colorful staff
*Crown: Mojave and the Wilderness Survival MB groups that crashed there.
*Wolverine: Going to the Lodge, and star floats
*Reneker: Always in the wrong place at the wrong time...
*Hi-ad: Trails rides that went awry
*Owasippe: My brothers and sisters of the almight Owasippe Staff. You all rock my sox!

Which camp has/had the best...... (argue your case):
*pool/lake: Carlen - Fishing on Sauger
*program: Wolverine - Ain't nothin' in the world like it.
*looking staff: Usually the Hi-Ad girls always struck my fancy. Though I was, as many before and after me, involved with Reneker girls.
*pride: Carlen and Wolverine! I've been on both, and though rivals, we banded together against BLHK.
*lodge/trailer: Wolverine South. Dixie!
*staff: The staffs of Lake Wolverine

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2:56 am

Somebody posted this a few months ago, but I'll use it to introduce myself to the community

Name: Elizabeth Jackson
Age: 22
Location: Indianapolis or Valparaiso. IN, depending on school/home
Camps stayed at Owasippe (as a scoutie) and years stayed: reneker, my troop was in blackhawk
Camps worked at Owasippe, positions, and years: 1998--cit, lived at reneker, worked at ad center & tp, then wolverine handicraft for a week, then wolverine tp for last 3 1/2 weeks of camp (anyone from camp this year? and do you understand my lj name?)  1999&2000 -- ad center trading post, and one week at reneker
Favorite Camp song: Camp Wolverine - Zaxie!
Favorite camp skit:
Skit or song you want to stab with a knife and bury forever so as never to be seen/heard again:
Best camp memory: all my time I spent hanging out with the wolverine guys, that and town runs :)
The Best summer was: 1999

Favorite thing about....
*Blackhawk: my memories with my troop... and the 4 days I spent there in 2003 ;)
*Wolverine: the guys... and lots of walks from the firebowl to the lodge after fires of course
*Reneker: that never technically worked there
*Hi-ad: Tent City... my home for 2 summers
*Owasippe: All of it!!! the beauty, the staff, the campers, the peace and quiet, the guy/girl ratio ;)
(Carlen wasn't on here, but I'm answering) The guys!!! the only time I have ever been serenaded by a group of guys was summer of '99 by these great guys!
(Crown wasn't here either)  my cit staff week was spent here, lots of good memories

Which camp has the best...... (argue your case):
*pool/lake: wolverine... hehe my main reason will be for all the
*program: blackhawk scoutcraft, 2nd best is Wolverine scoutcraft...
*looking staff: I guess I'd have to say Wolverine since I dated 2 wolverine guys and am interested in one currently...
*pride: Wolverine!!!!! Is there still a flag of some sort?!? I sure hope so!
*lodge/trailer: Wolverine
*staff:  Wolverine

current mood: giddy

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
4:14 pm - don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got til its gone

*group hug*

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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
8:47 am - ATTENTION!

ALERT - IMPORTANT INFO ON OWASIPPE...sale being proposed to a party interested in buying with zoning as-is. Camp's continued operation is in doubt and subject to further review. Vote for sale is Feb 22nd.

All Scouters are asked to write to the council board members immediately dissuading them from approving the sale and insisting on the camp functioning as it has with its land intact.

The CAC executive board meets at 2:30pm followed by the regular board meeting at 4pm...both at the Union League Club of Chicago, 65 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago IL 60604 (sw corner of Jackson and Federal St). Friends of Owasippe Picketers are requested to report between 1:30-2pm at that intersection on that day wearing Owasippe aparrell. Bring banners and posters for display.

NOTE: Flashlight vigil being planned for Monday evening after 7pm in front of Scout office...more details to follow.

Ron Kulak

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

This is a message from Fort Dearborn District BSA

The Chicago Area Council has scheduled an Executive Board meeting on Tuesday next (Feb 22nd in the afternoon) before the regularly scheduled general Board Meeting for the purpose of accepting an offer on the sale of Owasippe.

A possible protest demonstration is in the works.

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
8:58 am - what. a. blizzard.

well...nevermind about the van idea...im shot...i contacted 12 COUNT EM 12 car dealerships and got NO RESPONSE...however if anyone would like to help me hijack a van from BLFAC its a plan...ill bring the nylons

current mood: weird

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
7:44 pm - muy importantemente!!

if anyone knows where i can get a 12-15 seater van for next to nothing...or FREE...let me know. I am trying to get one for reneker's teen squad...i already got in contact with a few places...but its pretty tough SO anyways if you know anyone who would absolutely find the biggest pleasure in donating a van, or is selling it for a SMALL amount of money, or just wants NON SEXUAL favors for it...send them my way.

um...buses are welcome too (seriously, it could happen!)...except i think that requires a special license so i'm looking into it...we WERE going to possibly get that old crappy one by the ad center graveyard...but for some reason i just no longer want it...

thanks guys!

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2:22 pm


if youd like a spiffy reneker thunderchicken...go visit the wolff klamms

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