Kyle Schneider (osrsinginguy) wrote in owasippe,
Kyle Schneider

It's about bloody time!

Name: Kyle Schneider
Age: 20
Location: Normal/Chicago, IL depending on school/home
Camps stayed at Owasippe (as a scoutie) and years stayed: BLHK - 1996, CAR - 1997-1999
Camps worked at Owasippe, positions, and years: 2000 - WOL = EC, HC, SS. CAR = SS. 2001-2 - WOL HC
Favorite Camp song: Camp Carlen - Overall
Favorite camp skit: Medicrin/Tree Check
Skit or song you want to stab with a knife and bury forever so as never to be seen/heard again: Old Macdonald in the dining halls
Best camp memory: Late nights with all my guys andgals camped out in Mojave and Turtle
The Best summer was: 2002

Favorite thing about....
*Blackhawk: ... Is there such a thing?
*Carlen: HOW DARE YOU FORGET CARLEN! The always colorful staff
*Crown: Mojave and the Wilderness Survival MB groups that crashed there.
*Wolverine: Going to the Lodge, and star floats
*Reneker: Always in the wrong place at the wrong time...
*Hi-ad: Trails rides that went awry
*Owasippe: My brothers and sisters of the almight Owasippe Staff. You all rock my sox!

Which camp has/had the best...... (argue your case):
*pool/lake: Carlen - Fishing on Sauger
*program: Wolverine - Ain't nothin' in the world like it.
*looking staff: Usually the Hi-Ad girls always struck my fancy. Though I was, as many before and after me, involved with Reneker girls.
*pride: Carlen and Wolverine! I've been on both, and though rivals, we banded together against BLHK.
*lodge/trailer: Wolverine South. Dixie!
*staff: The staffs of Lake Wolverine
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